Commissions/Velocity Stories

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Here's how it works: you give me a prompt and I hand-write a story. Your prompt can be anything: a song lyric, a name, a vague idea for something. Think of it this way: if you collect sketches from artists at comic conventions, you might want to have a hand-written story to hang up alongside them in your space. This is the same kind of thing. I write the story based on what you want. Any idea is fair game. 

I can write for all ages and for more adult tastes as well. That means you can commission a piece and not worry that it's not appropriate as a gift.

If you're interested in a custom, hand-written Velocity Story use the handy contact form on the right or  hit me up on Twitter (@ajasont) or message me on Facebook to see if I'm open for commissions. When we agree on content, style, and a timeline for completion I'll send you my PayPal link and we're off.  They're $15 on the small card (5.5"x8.5") including shipping. (See "The Lady of Lankhmar" there on the left for an example.) A large piece (9"x12"), with a spot illustration is $30 including shipping.

If you want to get a story and pick it up at a show we'll both be at, let me know that too. See my appearances page for details on where I'll be this year.