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Here's the list of things I've written that you can find out in the world. Some you have to be pretty industrious to find (I'm thinking about the mini comics at the bottom of the list in particular) and others are only a click or two away from being delivered to your home. Updated as things become available.

Available now.

EVOLVER: APEX PREDATOR - Jackson Savage adjusted pretty easily to life in college until his dying father injected him with experimental DNA. Now suspected of terrible crimes he must adapt quickly to find his father's murderer. Pursued by a mad scientist's monsters Jackson discovers survival skills no other human has. Available here as an ebook or physical object.

Available now.
AGENT OF D.A.N.G.E.R.: STRANGE POLARITYEzekiel Wolfe chased the rumors of a dark organization bent on world domination and it cost him his job as a covert agent. No longer affiliated with any government, he joins three disavowed agents also on the hunt. Alone they had no chance. Together they are mankind's last hope against the otherworldly perils of this ancient evil.
Available here as an ebook or physical object.

Available now.
EVOLVER: CELL STRUCTURE - Prey becomes predator when Jackson Savage rushes to save his friend from the clutches of a mad scientist determined to rule the world. His father’s experimental DNA is changing him and every time Jackson evolves he becomes less human. Working with the secret organization, OCTAVE, he is engaging in combat with mutant monsters but each conflict risks him losing control of his own body. Will he be able to stop an army of monsters without losing his humanity? Click here to buy the physical object. Digital ebook coming sooner than later.

More Coming Soon!


THE LONG RANGE - a novel masquerading as 13 short stories. Originally serialized on this here blog (and still available if you want to search for it). It's soon to be available as a collected PDF.


TALES OF THE TERMINAL DINER - Original Graphic Novel, 96 pages. 2003. Featuring a whole bunch of great comics talent including Eliot Brown, Ron & Justine Fontes, Michael T. Gilbert, Fred Hembeck, Don Lomax and more. I contributed the plot for "Night of the Mandrakons" that was stunningly drawn by Daniel Murray. Soon to be released on the web through Wunderman Comics.


There are several hundred copies of my mini comics floating around out in the world and one day you may run across a few here or there. I love everyone who bought them as I was doing them and love you if you decide to check 'em out and read 'em. If you never see them, you haven't really missed anything so don't worry. They'll never be reprinted, never be rereleased, will never be available from me ever again. I'm very proud of what I did and everything I learned but I've moved past them. Nevertheless, here are the titles:

JACKLEG COMICS (aka Hopelessly Human) - 15 issues written, penciled and (sometimes) inked by me from 1999 to roughly 2001. Collaborators include Kevin Perry, Joe Lamothe, and Sol Kresnik. Photocopied booklets approximately 12 pages each. 100 copies in existence of each issue.

NOISSIM - 1 issue, 7 pages with some bonus material, ca. 2000. Written by me and drawn by Svetlana Chmakova. If I remember correctly I met up with Svet on Colleen Doran's message board back in the day and we did this short story together that originally appeared on a now-defunct website, SixShooterComix.com where I met a bunch of other creators and became part of a community. I am lucky beyond belief to have collaborated with her once and maybe some day I'll get to work with her again.

CHEF - 1 issue written by me with 12 pages penciled and inked by me, 24 pages total. 2001. Collaborators included Stefan Maitch and Randy Pickering. Debuted on my maiden trip to Comic-Con International in 2001. 100 copies in existence. The notable thing about this book is that it's the first appearance of Jimmy Cavanaugh ladies' man, man's man, man about town.

THE STONE MAN - 24 pages, ca. 2001 - 2002. Written and penciled by me, inked by Ron Fontes. Got some nice reviews for my writing, but this was the beginning of the end of my time trying to make comics. The positive comments fed my ego enough to keep me trying to tell stories.

THE CRYSTAL LADY - 12 pages, ca. 2001 - 2002. Written and drawn by me. The first half of a story that's the sequel to The Stone Man and would lead into a planned third book, THE DIAMOND BOND but that never happened. This is the last mini comic I published. My pretty much final comics work was a two page story called Not Even Him and I'm proud to say the original pages for that story are on permanent display on the 6th floor in the KU Memorial Union at the University of Kansas.