Friday, March 03, 2017

The Load Out

[blows the dust off the place]

Yeah, been a while.

It's probably time to shutter the blog and everything here. I've so overcommitted myself that I've dropped the ball on nearly everything. I hope you'll bear with me.

I have a lot to say and the blog has been a certain kind of freedom to say nearly everything I've wanted to over these last years.

But, it's time to look at new ways to reach people.

I've hesitated pressing the button on a newsletter but that may be the thing to do. Once a month or so, anyway. Just to make sure that folks who're interested can get the news and developments about stories coming out. And maybe boost some signal for my friends who publish.

Speaking of which, check out Nick Forristal's website, then I want you to go check out the comic for Five Man Midget Death Squad written by Nick with very lush, clean art from Eric Wright. Recommended.

The other quick recommendation I have for you is to go buy a copy of Melissa Lytton's Echoes of a Dream. It's so, so good and I want you to buy it so that she'll keep writing because her voice is strong and she's got damn good ideas. You'll love it.

So, here we are coming to the end of this blog. I will be at Planet Comicon April 29 - 31 doing Velocity Stories and will have copies of the now complete Evolver trilogy. My publisher will be there and so will the cover artist, both of whom are wonderful people to have allowed me in to their universe to develop those characters. Come see all three of us.

For updates (for now - until I get the newsletter rolling) reach me on Facebook or on Twitter. Watch for an announcement about commissions going into Planet Comicon next week, too.

It's been grand, kids. This is where the sidewalk ends. Stay in touch.


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