Friday, August 12, 2016

This Weekend at Kansas City Comicon

To everyone who's come by in the last month to read The Cold Distance:


I am humbled by the numbers of you that have popped in and appear to have read all the way through. I hope that you'll be at Kansas City Comic Con this weekend and we can chat about it.

Reasons you should go besides to see

  • ALL the creators including but not limited to comics, animation, and authors
  • The events around the show
  • Chances to discover the next big thing
  • Rubbing elbows and getting pictures with media guests
  • Hanging out with like-minded people

This is the second year for this show and I had a blast last year. In the 1200 row (where I'll be hawking books and writing flash fictions for YOU) alone is enough talent to blow you away: Jonathan Maberry, Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore, Holly Messinger, James Young, Thaddeus Nowak, Nicholas Forristal, A.R. Crebs... I mean, you could spend MONTHS  being entertained by all their books and still only scratch the surface of their stories. 

The comics folk are brimming over, too. Scott Drummond, Josh Cotter, Travis Fox, Shannon Denton, Andy Kuhn, Ande Parks, C.W. Cooke, Christopher Priest, James O'Barr, Clay Moore, John Lucas, Kyle Strahm. Guys, these are the people who are making stuff you should read.

There are artists like Rob Schamberger and Hector Casanova and Ant Lucia that will be there. The guys from Worst Comics Podcast EVER will be there. Mike Sullivan, Arie Monroe, Ed Bickford, Joel Pfannestiel, Jared George, Kristofor Harris, Alex Maday, and Jim Mehsling will all be around. 

This is the creator-focused show you want to go to. Spend a little time with your favorite creators, explore the works of others and discover something you didn't know you needed.  There will be cosplayers, cool vendors and more special guests than you can shake a stick at.

I'll take as many pics as I can but don't hesitate to share yours with me via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

I'll check back in next week with an assessment of the show and fill you in on the plans for the next book of The Cold Distance.

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