Saturday, July 16, 2016

Coming Monday

It's Sci-Fi July!

Monday (not Moon Day, that's different) you'll get the first chapter of my long-in progress novel, The Cold Distance. Then Thursday comes the second chapter. In all the first book is eight chapters long and we'll see two chapters a week leading up to Kansas City Comicon August 12th. Then I'll take a break and  about a month later we'll start with the serialization of Book 2.

Altogether there will be four books comprising the entire novel, The Cold Distance. What's it about? Glad you asked:

Dee makes the hard choices, the ones that change people's lives. The result of her latest choice means she must put a lot of space between herself and her adopted home with the law hot on her trail. Her escape is cut off and she strikes a bargain with a mysterious alien and his companion to get off planet. 
As she learns more about her traveling companions, Dee must decide whether to join them or evade agents of the enigmatic Clave on her own. More hard choices are in her future and she has to make the right ones.

Originally conceived during NaNoWriMo in 2011, I've been working on this for four and a half years. I'm sharing it here because I think you might enjoy it.

It's the kind of space opera adventure that has always appealed to me, the kind of story that I chased down in comic books as a teenager. It's definitely influenced by all the movies and books of my youth. And all the ones I've loved since. I have had a blast writing, changing, editing, rewriting, writing some more, agonizing, chucking out thousands of words, breaking the story out and down and across then rewriting it again.

It's work. It's the best kind of work and I hope you like it.  See you Monday.

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