Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Thing I Want You To Know

A little over a week ago I posted this counter. You may be interested to know that on Monday July 18th I will begin serializing THE COLD DISTANCE, a space opera I've been working on for some time. (It's possible you'll recall occasional updates here and there.)

It's got lots going on: the beginning of a journey to parts unknown; chases; strange new worlds and aliens; the smartest artificial intelligence in the system; flawed characters; more chases and lots of adventure.

I anticipate chapters uploading on Mondays and Thursdays, one per day. Your comments could inform edits prior to any collection of the chapters into four separate books (starting with the first book - Way Out) in digital and print versions. If all goes well and we get all four books serialized here there will be a final collection of all four books into the one novel, THE COLD DISTANCE.

There's more to come. I hope you'll stick with me and read along, let me know what you think and enjoy the ride.

Stay tuned.

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