Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Follow Up on the Cap/Hydra Thing

Let's see, to recap:

The Internet lost its mind a month ago when Marvel decided to turn Cap into a Nazi. Which, upon reading Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 wasn't quite true. To be fair to the Internet, we were misdirected/misled by the writer (Nick Spencer) and editor Tom Brevoort over the course of a few interviews prior to the book releasing.

I took some time and space to comment on it here.

This is a quote I pulled from an article on Vox on the issue:

Then there's the possibility that Marvel is using this reveal as a cliffhanger of sorts, and that Captain America might not be a Nazi Hydra agent after all. We won't know until the end of this arc. But no matter what happens in future issues, it's easy to see why fans could be hurt by this twist (especially if this turns out to be more of a stunt than a methodical editorial decision).

And if you'll forgive the circular, self-reference, here's a quote from me in case you didn't go back and read the original post:

With a sentient Cosmic Cube involved, it's a comic book story. I'm glad all that was in there up front because I haven't read Cap for a long, long time. Already, given what I've read on the Internet about the book and knowing how the episodic storytelling of comics works, I'm intrigued and ready to see what's coming. 

So yeah - COMICS!

This issue we learn it's actually the Red Skull using the sentient Cosmic Cube, Kobik, to tear his arch-enemy down bit by bit. We're treated to a lot of exposition in flashbacks and not a lot of action. It's exactly the same thing we got from Cap the issue before but this time it's the Skull.

I don't know if this is the thing that turns me off or if it's the fact that this is yet another plot that's been done before and the only thing that sets it apart is that the creators and publisher teamed up to generate controversy to sell books in the wake of a potentially blockbuster movie. Don't get me wrong, Spencer and artist Jesus Saiz have made a damn fine comic book. It's just I feel like I've read this before.

The fact that Hydra was retconned back into WWII and thus a Nazi organization is often overlooked in summations and critiques of the books so far. Let me remind you - COMICS! Nothing is sacred since they brought Bucky back. Retreading a plot is old hat, especially if you can put a new spin on it.

We're two issues into this story with no idea how long it will go. I don't know exactly where it will go because I'm unfamiliar with Spencer as a writer. I think I know but I won't be sure until I read the eventual collection it's being written for. Which I won't read until I get it at my library, about three months after that's published. I'll follow the news on it and will likely know exactly how it'll end because Marvel will talk about it on the comics sites the day before it releases.

In the end, all that kerfluffle over Cap being a Nazi? It's not true. Never was. Everything will reset and the norm will be reestablished.

Because COMICS!

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