Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 In Review

It's been an interesting year. Full of trials and tribulations; packed with wonderful experiences and memories.

I shared dinners and drinks with very close friends, made new friends, met some very cool people and one of my heroes.

Live music experiences were shared with my daughter and my son. I travelled a bit.

The love of my life loved me and I loved her more than ever before. We laughed and cried and saw movies, ate wonderful food. She spoiled me and I took care of her as best I could.

I wrote a lot but not as much as I wanted. I toyed with some ideas and tossed out dozens more. Several have solidified and I'm continuing to explore them. A lot of what entertained me was suggested by others. It puts me in mind to seek out other things on my own. To recreate the path of my young adulthood.

As weird as that might sound.

This isn't my typical year-end summation. It's fragmented because that's how my year went. Bits and pieces swimming up to the top, demanding my attention RIGHT NOW and BECAUSE IT'S IMPORTANT.

So this little therapy helps me put perspective on some on it. It's not for anyone but me.

To you I wish a Happy New Year. May all the good things overwhelm and overtake the not so good things. Tell everyone about the things that make you happy. Acknowledge the things that make you nuts or cringe or angry then do something about them. Don't sit and wait for others, do what it takes to make the world a better place. Do what you can. There are important decisions coming and you can, yes you can, affect the outcomes. Belief is a powerful thing.

Here some things I enjoyed this year:



And here are a couple of things I'm really looking forward to in 2016:

Be good to each other. You are loved, you are cherished and you have value. Don't let anyone tell you any different. Do what makes you happy, don't hurt anyone. Love all you can, give as much as you can but don't trust too much. Be skeptical, wary and on your guard. Not so much you lose sight of what matters though. You got this.

More to come. 

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