Sunday, June 14, 2015

Soft Reset (An Update of Sorts)

Get to it, already. 
Last year I submitted several stories around in the hopes of selling one or all of them.

No dice.

Which is okay. I focused on improving what I could and working on other things. I didn't let the rejections get me down. I couldn't. You can't. Part of being a writer is having that thick skin to keep going on in the face of multiple people you don't know saying "No thanks".

So things and stuff happened in the interim and I didn't resend that story anywhere else. I did finish a redraft of the novel. Finally. But the short stories have kind of lain fallow in the interim.

Today I read an issue of one of the magazines I submitted to. As I read I noted a story in the same vein as the one I sent them last year. It's not the same, not at all. The rejection I got from this particular magazine's editor was terribly encouraging and I see why now. There's no illusion that this story beat mine out for publication, don't get that idea. But this shows me just how close I might have been to being accepted.

At least that's my interpretation.

And now I'm prepping that story that got rejected for submission elsewhere. Maybe I am that close to selling a story. Maybe not. Regardless, I'm resetting on that story to get out into the world.

While things and stuff are happening.

I've heard that the secret to success is never giving up. Guess I'd forgotten that.

Positive things on the horizon folks. Even if the story doesn't get picked up. Because it can't get picked up if it's sitting on the hard drive and not out running the streets.


steve miller said...

Success is when opportunities meet preparation.

Jason Arnett said...

Yeah, I believe that. When I took stock of all the crap that's happened over the last three years, it's pretty remarkable I got anything done at all. To toot my own horn for a moment.

ElshaHawk said...

That's the attitude. :)
I'm thinking similarly. And working similarly as well.

Jason Arnett said...

Just keep swimming. :)