Friday, May 15, 2015

UPDATES UPDATED with more updates! (List 1 update 3)

Very cool cover by the great Phil Hester
Things I'm working on. I'm listing them here because I was inspired by an author's list of projects and it makes sense for me to put them up here to be held accountable. Plus I like having code names for things. Makes me feel cool. Which I'm definitely not.

"Projects" are work-related (read: day job) writing. In each case they are collaborations. Everything else is personal. Unless I name a publisher. But yeah, I'm writing for the love of writing.

So here's the latest and newsiest:

  • The writing part of the re-write on The Cold Distance is done. The draft clocks in just a shade over 74K words. It'll go up and down a little as I edit the last half for passivity and clarity. Next step is to get some feedback to make sure it's actually readable. Will have to figure out where to go after that. I have ideas, though, so stay tuned.
  • The Cold Distance is the first of a series titled Jugee and the Duchess. At least four books, maybe five. The cool thing is I've got them mostly written and just have to be able to put nose to grindstone to get them in something like publishable shape. So, here's hoping they all get to see the light of day.
  • Topping that big news is that the second book in the Evolver series from Actionopolis is released! It's called Cell Structure and here's the info:
  • Prey becomes predator when Jackson Savage rushes to save his friend from the clutches of a mad scientist determined to rule the world. His father’s experimental DNA is changing him and every time Jackson evolves he becomes less human. Working with the secret organization, OCTAVE, he is engaging in combat with mutant monsters but each conflict risks him losing control of his own body. Will he be able to stop an army of monsters without losing his humanity?
Do me a solid and spread the word will you? I understand a digital version is coming but I will definitely have copies to sell at Kansas City Comicon in August.
  • Project BLUE was a submission for a national award at work. Good news is that we won our division and we're in the running for the grand prize for our category. I'll know about this one at the end of July. It stays on the list until then.
  • JETPACK is waiting for an announcement before I can say anything else about it. 
  • MINER is still developing. It's been on the back burner while I finish TCD. It'll get some attention now that TCD is closer to done.
  • The short stories that have been on the list are off for now while I get things sorted out with TCD and the other things above. 
  • With Cell Structure out, I have to get the third book whipped into shape. It's in a zero draft so it shouldn't take too long to get it to the publisher. 
  • So I'm adding two new things to the list under the codename AZTEC. First priority is to assemble my notes on these two stories and then start hammering at some outlines. 
So there it is. It's shaping up to be something of a busy year for writing and publishing. Please buy a copy of the Evolver books at Amazon so I can afford to put gas in the car.

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