Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I decided some time ago to eliminate the word 'bitch' from my every day vocabulary.

It's pejorative, diminutive and ugly. There are other words I can use. In every situation where I've used the word since 7th or 8th grade there are options.

There's no expectation of anyone else to drop it but for me it makes sense. I'm a reader and writer and  have a considerable vocabulary. I can complain and grouse or gripe. I don't need the word to make someone feel small or subordinate.

That doesn't mean it won't show up in some character's dialogue some time. Not all of my characters think or feel the same way I do. But in real life I've worked very hard to let this word go over the last four or five months.

I shared my decision with a couple of friends who convinced me to share it with the world. So, there it is. This seemed like a good time to announce it, to be held accountable for it.

If you feel the need to discuss it, let's be civil.

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