Monday, May 25, 2015

More Updates: List 1 Update 4

It may be time for a new list.

Anyway, here's what's going on:

COLD DISTANCE is still in revision. Every time I get to a new stage with it I find things that can and should be improved. The draft is done, I'm almost done with the passive/clarity search and seizure. And then I read the first chapter and see all kinds of ways it can be better. I have to admit the possibility that I'm looking for things to keep it from being set free but I don't think so. I really do want it out there so I can start on the sequel but I want it to be the best it can be.

Sigh. I need a break, I think. Maybe just a week off from agonizing over it.

So that makes book three of the EVOLVER series (you can buy books one and two here and here) jump up top now. It's in Zero Draft, which means a p/c search and seizure (see above) and a read through for logic. Been a while since I've looked at it but it shouldn't really take any time at all to get it in shape to send off.

And right behind that is AZTEC. More on that soon.

Perhaps a short story for the Confabulator Cafe next month. I have an idea, just need to start typing.

Then back to COLD DISTANCE. And hopefully the short stories I've had laying around waiting to be handled.

Meanwhile, notes keep piling up for other things.

So yeah, I guess we're on to list 2 once I get Evolver out the door. How are you doing? Everything all right in your world?


Sara E. Lundberg said...

My advice on the revisions for Cold Distance? Kick it to your beta readers. You'll have a whole new round of revisions once it comes back from them, so you don't want to burn yourself out with it now. Make notes of things you want to fix, but stop tinkering with it for now. You could be "fixing" stuff that the beta readers actually like. You're too close to it, too in your own head about it. Sounds like it's time for fresh perspective.

Jason Arnett said...

Solid advice. Thanks!