Saturday, March 21, 2015

Planet Comicon 2015

This show was a blast from start to finish. I arrived late enough on Friday morning that there was a bit of chasing around to gather up my Artists Alley badge. With the help of Volunteer Emma, I got my credentials and set up in time for the show start.

I love that Artists Alley was inside the entrance. There was a lot of traffic past both ends of the row so I had a good view of the cosplayers. Several Agent Carters and lots of John Constantines throughout the show. The Constantines (that's the name of my new band, btw) all looked too pressed and clean, too much like Agent Carter. Anyway, it's a small thing but one I noticed.

It would probably behoove me to mention everyone I got to talk to but there were so many and I didn't make it around to see everyone I wanted to. Anyway, the panels were great. All of them were lots of fun and we had great questions. The last one about prose writing had great attendance and terrific questions.

I have to thank everyone who stopped by the table and complimented my live writing. Most especially I am grateful to those of you who actually commissioned me to write a piece using your prompt. They included "Space Knight", "Panda", "Pandemonium Jabberwocky", "Werewolf Skeleton Dog", "Rapidly Moving Snail", and "Glitter Suplex". There were more but these stuck out. I loved writing each and every one of them.

Since this is now a week after the fact and I have to get on with things like finishing this novel, I'm going to leave it there.

Except to say that I will be back at Planet Comicon next year. If you didn't get a Velocity Readout at the show hit me up on Twitter or Facebook. I'll be glad to get 'em to you via mail.

All right, that's all. The show was great, I had a spectacular time and hope you did, too.

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