Saturday, February 07, 2015

Live Writing

I got confirmation this week that I will have a table in Artists Alley at Planet Comicon March 13 - 15.

So, what will I have to offer? There'll be some assortment of printed stories to sell, a couple of larger sketch-type things too. I hope to have those to preview here in the week leading up to the con.

But the big deal will be doing more Velocity Readouts. Here are the basics:

Give me a prompt - two or three words - and I'll handwrite an original story for you. More details here if you're interested.

Prior to the show, I'll need to do some warmups. This is where you readers come in. Leave me a prompt in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter (@ajasont) and use the hashtag #VelocityReadout if you would, please.

I'll do my best to get them turned around in a day or less. Additionally, over on Twitter and maybe even on Facebook, I'll hit you all up for prompts and do them more or less live. Turned around in 20 minutes or less like I'll try to do at the convention. Sounds ambitious typed out like that. Still, I've done it before.

Stick with me. Help me get my chops up for this. It's going to be fun.

More to come.


Melissa J. Lytton said...

Ball-peen hammer & third-graders.

Jason Arnett said...

Just saw your comment a bit ago. Here's the story:


Duck twirled the ballpeen hammer on the leather thong around his wrist. “See, Thor whips Mjolnir around fast as he can then lets it pull him into the air.”

“Whoa,” said Pigpen. “Are you sure? I don’t remember that from the movie.”

Mr. McCall whistled for the third graders to gather up to go back in. Duck let the hammer fly. He stayed earthbound.

The hammer zipped away. Bear, the class bully, played centerfield in the kickball game behind them. Duck and Pigpen watched the hammer now on a downward arc toward Bear.

Mr. McCall blew the whistle again and Bear ran toward the school.

The hammer fell harmlessly in the grass. No one had noticed.

“Shoulda let me do it,” Pigpen said.

Duck said, “We’ll get him at lunch. I want my money back.”

Melissa J. Lytton said...

Awesome. :) I love the animal names. Sounds like a scene from a whimsical middle grade novel.

Jason Arnett said...

Thanks for giving me a great prompt. Made me think. :)

Melissa J. Lytton said...

Any time. :)

Adopt(ed) Dad said...

Guinea pigs, wheelchair, and elmo

Jason Arnett said...


“Subjects 379 and 456 look promising.” Ted flipped through the charts. “Very promising.”

Toni shrugged. “For guinea pigs.”

“Subjects,” Ted emphasized. “Subjects.”

Behind them, the subjects struggled in their restraints. Toni clucked. “You’ve loosened your brakes.” She jabbed Subject 456 with a shocker. It screamed behind its gag, a plaintive sound. Toni winced and relocked the brakes.

“Grab the elmo, will you?”

Toni looked around to her left. The device was on the table. She opened her hand and it floated over to her. Without ceremony she gave it to Ted.

He nodded. “Good. Good. Thanks.” He typed a sequence into the elmo. It whined, lit up in blue and yellow.

“Now we can begin.”

Subjects 379 and 456 pulled as hard as they could against the belts holding them to the chairs. They would not escape.