Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Case for John Stewart

I read this article about how the Green Lantern franchise needs to be established, preferably with a prominent white actor.

Well, here is the case for the John Stewart character to get any further film versions. Tyrese Gibson is making his case to play the character too.

Additionally, DC would be well-served to have a prominent black superhero in the mix. Marvel Studios beat them to the punch with Sam (Falcon) Wilson showing up first last year and announcing Luke Cage and Black Panther projects.

There's a great opportunity to take a cosmic hero and put him on Earth in situations that a modern audience can relate to. And it can be done while staying relevant to the mythos. Honestly it's a no-brainer to mine the classic Denny O'Neil/Neal Adams run putting Stewart in. If Hollywood insists on a white actor, (and there's really no reason they have to but hey - it's Hollywood) bring an older Hal Jordan into the mix to mentor Stewart but be gone at the end of the first act. Or begin Jordan's shift into Parallax, taking the story cosmic at the end.

Hell, this practically writes itself. The comics are a goldmine of ideas. So much potential sitting there waiting to be picked up and used in the best way. All the elements are there.

Warner Bros./DC has done a good job with the character in its animated stories. It's time to give him the big screen treatment and do right by John. He deserves it. Superhero fans deserve it.

What are you waiting for?

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