Monday, January 26, 2015

List 1 Update 1

Back here I laid out a bunch of things I was writing. There's some movement so here's an update and the rationale behind the code names:

"Projects" are work-related writing. In each case they are collaborations. Everything else is personal. None of it has a home yet, either. So yeah, I'm writing for the love of writing.

  • Cold Distance re-write - progress to date tracked on the right side of the blog.  This jumped forward significantly over the weekend. I finally finished the chapter I'd been stuck in because of too many things other than just no time to write. So as of this writing it feels like the dam has finally burst. Here's hoping. I have to go back and do some refinement on that chapter and the one before but it's moving again. Decisions on which publishing route to go will be considered once it goes out to my trusted beta readers.
  • Working on outlines for two sequels that don't get codenames yet. I have the skeletal structure for these and I know how they fit into the universe they're set in. Additionally I've added BACKDROP, which is a series of things also set in the universe. They're the interstitials linking the larger works. 
  • Project CONTEMPORARY - outline submitted, waiting for further instruction - mid-March deadline. Outline was accepted. Fleshing it out last week and this in collaboration. It's going ahead. 
  • BOTTLE is something I'm playing with. A short thing. Mid-March deadline if it's going to happen. dead for now.
  • Still waiting to hear about CELL. OUTGROWTH has to get finished and turned in regardless of the status of CELL. I owe it and the draft is done so there's really no reason other than laziness not to finish it. Aiming for end of March if not sooner.
  • Still researching and developing DOGHOUSE and LOOT. I ran over them very briefly with a friend this weekend and realized they still need a lot of development. When they're closer to being prepped to write or I've done an outline or something on them I'll mention them again. Until then, they're off the list and back in my Idea Dump.
When there's any movement on these things (or the others that were mentioned last time but aren't on this list today) I'll update. I'm aiming for weekly.

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