Saturday, December 20, 2014


I spent my evening drinking, eating and playing cards with my Comic Book Brothers from Other Mothers which is great and doesn't happen nearly often enough. Early in the proceedings I was reminded that I had been given great advice about making comics:

Don't talk. Show your work. 

I've heard this any number of times and I always heed it as great advice. It always moves me toward finishing whatever project I'm working on. Just to prove that I'm who I say I am as a creative.

Watch the sidebar for progress on the Cold Distance re-write. I'm aiming to finish the damn thing and get the process rolling on putting it out into the world. Sooner rather than later. I expect you, yes you reading this, to hold me accountable. Ask me about it on Twitter, badger me on Facebook, text me if you have my phone number, stop me and ask "How's the writing?"

This earns you a huge thank you in the book when it's out in the world. 

And a huge thank you now for playing along.

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