Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Good Year

It would be easy to complain. In fact I seem to do it a lot. Recently the question of what I think my social media presence would tell others about me came up. I thought about it for a moment and in front of the group I said 'cranky SOB'. 

Which is, to some extent, true. I believe that there are injustices in the world and pointing to them and saying "this is crap" is a good thing. Cranky sometimes, yes, but all things being equal it's a good thing. I wish more people did this and then we all did something about whatever it is that cranks us up like that.

Anyway, hello. Thanks for stopping by.

I'm not doing a year-end wrap up or anything like that here today. Rather I'm in that vacation period between how things went and how I hope things will go.

I self-published my first short story and had two successful appearances at local comicons. A novel I wrote got pretty far in the submission process before being rejected and a short story submitted garnered some excellent feedback and encouragement. There was a promotion at work. My son is in college. I read a lot of really great books, watched some interesting films and attended my first live show in years. There was a period where I lost a good amount of weight, too.

But I struggle with keeping it off and that's where I have to start looking forward.

Eating and drinking are things I do well. Too well. So in the new year I have to change some habits and lose a bunch of weight. That's not a resolution, either. It's a requirement.

Also required is continuing to read authors who aren't white men. I'm getting much more comfortable with living in stories set in worlds that I don't automatically understand. It's been easier with music to step outside my comfort zone but I'm actively looking for books by writers I've never read. This has helped expand my worldview a bit and inform my writing. Really, reading helps your writing.

Which I hope will make my con appearances this year even better. We'll see. Stay tuned for updates.

And that makes up a year in a nutshell.

So I wish you and yours a merry celebration, whichever your family chooses to recognize. If you don't celebrate any holidays, then have a happy day anyway. Turn the lights on and keep the darkness at bay. You know what to do.

See you in the New Year.

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