Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

And I'm thankful to be entertained
but silly things. Aren't you?
I'm thankful for the doctors and nurses who work every day of the year regardless of what else is going on in the world. They sacrifice everything regarding their families to help people like me in their worst moments. The people who kept me alive are foremost in my mind but this one goes out to all the medical professionals in my life and those of people I love.

I'm thankful for good police who work every day of the year too. They get lost in the clamor and rancor over the situations that aren't always a result of bad police. Too many people do really good work to keep our lives and property safe and they genuinely care about the law. I know some good police and they are good people too.

I'm thankful that I live in a place where I can consider these things and rail against greed and corruption. This gratitude is year round but especially today it's important to be grateful for all the things I have that others don't. I remember that not everyone has the luxuries I do; that not everyone in my town, or my neighborhood, has everything I have.

I'm thankful for so much more too: my wife, the kids, a good job, enough money to pay the bills, books to read, things to watch, food to eat, art, music... The list goes on and on.

If I were to go out today to shop or see a movie or interact with anyone outside of my family I would remember to say thank you for them being there. I won't be out there with the throngs but if you are, be genuine and sincere and show your gratitude with a smile and 'thanks'. They'll appreciate it.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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