Thursday, October 09, 2014

I Know It's Only...

So the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominees are announced:

Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Green Day (1st year of eligibility)
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
The Marvelettes
Nine Inch Nails (1st year of eligibility)
Lou Reed
Sting (1st year of eligibility)
The Smiths (1st year of eligibility)
The Spinners
Stevie Ray Vaughan (1st year of eligibility)
Bill Withers (1st time on the ballot)

Hm. I like all these acts. Gonna be a tough choice. Lou Reed and Sting are already in with their bands. Who's got the most influence, though? In that respect alone, SRV deserves to be in easily. The Rock Hall, though, likes to be very weird and take things besides influence and sales into account. That leads me to think that The Marvelettes will be in easily, too. That could knock The Spinnners out because the hall likes to have each class look diverse.

So that might allow Kraftwerk to slide in but I think Chic might trump them a little. They're higher profile, they're American and disco comes and goes in popularity. In addition Nile Rodgers is a force to be reckoned with in the industry. He's one helluva producer so that might give them a +1 in influence.

Green Day is interesting and they've been on the stage the last couple of years inducting people so that could work in their favor. I think NIN has a better chance. Trent is a darling in Hollywood (who'd'a thunk?) and he's really, really interesting as a musician if not on Twitter.

I would be pleased to see NWA get in even though I don't like their music that much. That said, Cube certainly has parlayed those early days into quite a career and that's definitely a +1 for influence. They've got sales on their side, too. Add in that Public Enemy is already in the hall and I think they have a terrific chance.

I'd love to see Paul Butterfield Blues Band get in but I believe it's a tossup between them and WAR and Bill Withers. Not for any other reason than that WAR is the most recognizable of the three but Withers has some cache too. I think one of them will make it in to keep the class diverse.

As much as it pains me, Joan Jett probably won't make it in. Neither will The Smiths.

Of course, I could be wrong. Really wrong. But my picks are Stevie Ray Vaughan, Chic, NWA, The Marvelettes and Lou Reed. If I had my druthers, then Deep Purple would be in there somewhere.

Feel free to disagree with me.

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