Monday, September 01, 2014

Those Photographs

Are you familiar with Maslow's Hierarchy of Need?

Well, you should be.

It's time that society grew up and progressed beyond adolescence into adulthood. In many ways it's happening but in so many more, so many BASIC ways it's not.

Take a look at the bottom layer of Maslow's ideas: how many people in the world don't have food and water? How many people in your community? Far too many. As a matter of fact, people who work to ensure that everyone has something to eat and clean water to drink are often diminished and ridiculed for fighting for such things. Labeled as liberals and activists and other, worse things. Have you done that? Ridiculed or diminished someone for their beliefs?

Then it's time to grow and leave such childish behaviors behind.

On the second layer up, there's a list of things that people need to feel secure about: their body, their job, their health, their resources. Are you able to walk in public without being harassed by someone trying to diminish or ridicule you? Do you have insurance so that when you get sick you can be treated? Is your cell phone safe from asshats who want to download your information and share it with the rest of the world?

Are you an asshat who wants to feel better about yourself by making someone else feel lesser? Then it's time to grow up. I bet that you don't feel as secure about the basic things as you think. Look at that chart hen do what you can for you and those you love. It's time to actually look closely at yourself and figure that shit out.

Hacking someone's phone to make money by inappropriately sharing STOLEN information is wrong. You're an asshat. If you pay for and publish that information then you're an asshat. If you seek that information out and comment on it, then share it with others you're an asshat. It's time to grow and leave such childish behaviors behind.

You don't deserve to have that information. It's not yours. It wasn't shared with you by the person from whom it was stolen. You are not a journalist doing your job by hacking a celebrity's phone, or indeed ANYone's phone. You're an asshat. You should feel bad about that. You're lowest common denominator and you should want to be more than that. After all we're exceptional here in America, aren't we?

I'm calling you names because your behavior is such that I believe you won't understand anything else. Don't be an asshat.

Don't click on those headlines, don't encourage the behavior. Don't look at those photographs, they're absolutely none of your business. Yes, I mean you. And YOU.

DO believe you're better than that. DO work to ensure your own security and that of others. You'll be better for it. So will your community.

Stop being an asshat. It's not cool any more. It's time to grow.

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