Friday, September 26, 2014

Dear SiriusXM...

Dear SiriusXM Radio,

I'm upset that the Bob Edwards Show is ending today. Really upset.

Bob is easily the best interviewer in radio. If he only ever interviewed big names that would be enough. But when he spends an hour with an author and explores not just the themes of the book but the process the writer went through to write it, it's amazing. When he visits with John Feinstein about sports or Dave Zirin, it's interesting and compelling. His conversations with musicians are fantastic. Filmmakers really open up to him, too.

In short, he can hold his own with any interviewer on TV or print. His long years of experience in news reporting are reassuring and invite confidence from his subject. How can you let him go? How can you have cancelled his show?

Ah, money. Money money money.

I suppose you must care on some level that he's done stellar work. That the show won awards probably doesn't matter. The respect Bob has earned for the quality of his work showed in the quality of guests on the show. You realize that, don't you?

I'm sure you do. After all you gave him the freedom to do what he wanted for ten years and look what you got. The best interview program on radio anywhere. ANYwhere.

So it's about money is it? What does my fee go to? I know you can pull up the numbers of people who listened and we are all subscribers so we paid to hear him and his show. You know how many of us there are and you know what other channels we're listening to. So a quality program that employs ten people, that wins awards and covers subjects with a depth that NPR and PBS can only dream of, is ending because --- well, I can't fathom a real answer. Is your company in financial trouble? I suppose I shouldn't be upset. Things change. Shows get canceled. It happens, I know.

But I am upset. I'm disappointed that you seem to think that the Bob Edwards Show is disposable. It's not.

Please bring it back. Please do the right thing and continue the excellence. I bought XM radio back in the day because Bob was on it. While it's true that I've come to love satellite radio, I am sad that you seem not to care that when money gets tight again, it will be easier to consider dropping my two subscriptions.


Jason Arnett
subscriber since 2005

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