Friday, August 15, 2014

No, YOU Stop It

I'm done with the angry articles that tell Hollywood or celebrities or writers that endlessly repeating themselves is stupid. Well website editors, so is endlessly repeating essentially the same article over and over and over with only slightly different focus or subject.

So YOU stop it first. And stop it right now.

I mean, come on. So what - you don't like the trope. Get over it. Move on. Stop mentioning it, stop grousing about it. Move on. Stop it. Better yet, write your own story or create your own art or make your own TV show without the tropes you despise.

No, really.

While I'm at it, quit it with the lists of things "You Didn't Know" about everything. The truth is YOU didn't know, Dear Writer, and you're headlining link bait. Done. Stop it.

For all our sakes, please find something else to write about. Stop being angry that you didn't know everything. Stop being angry that you do know everything and no one is listening to you. You're boring.


Find a lot more positive things to write about will you? Please?

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