Friday, August 01, 2014

Bot Calls

So the first day I was on vacation, while my wife and I drove across Missouri, my cell phone rang. When we stopped, I checked it and didn't know the number. We drove on.

Not thirty minutes later, it rang again. I ignored it until we stopped again. Same number. No message. What the hell? Could it be someone from work? It wouldn't be anyone else.

It was several hours later the phone rang again while we were driving. (Now we were somewhere in eastern Illinois.) When we stopped for the night I looked at it was, once more, the same number that had called me twice before. And no message.

So I Googled the phone number and found it was a bot where no one ever left a message, no one ever spoke if the receiver of the call actually answered. Lots of complaints against this number.

Just weird. The phone rang again and guess what number it was?

I slept, not worried at all any more about the bot.

It called again the next day. Three more times. I formulated a plan to answer the thing with "You do not have the right to use my voice for any purposes. Now what the fuck do you want?" Didn't implement it, though. We drove on.

It has, however, given me an idea for a short story. So I'm signing off here for today to put some more thought and effort into that story. I recommend Googling things rather than trying to use a reverse phone number lookup. I got a lot more information a lot more quickly and without paying anything.

More later.

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Aspen said...

If somebody in the world is bitching about it, Google will let you know.