Sunday, June 15, 2014

Novel Update

In case you don't visit the blog very often but read it through Facebook or a reader of some kind, you might not know where I'm at in the writing stage.

I'm nearly done.

About ten thousand words from typing the favorite words of every writer, I suppose. And that'll be the end of the Zero Draft of The Silent Well.

Then begins the drag of editing the thing for all the stuff that I know is wrong. Hopefully that'll only take a month or so and I can send it to my faithful first readers. Then it's the long haul of compiling their notes and taking (or not taking) their suggestions.

And from there, we'll see. I'm maybe two weeks (maybe less) from finishing. That's the patch of sunlight and blue sky I see in my head.

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Just Wendy said...

Good stuff, Jason. And may the light shine brightly from the end of the tunnel - or from in your head ... which ever you prefer :)