Saturday, June 07, 2014

Fun Again

When you gonna finish that thing? I need crunchies.
As you may have noticed if you look at the death bar over on the right of the blog, I've been writing more lately.

Some 3000+ words have been added since the last post here, most of them in small chunks of 300 to 500 words a session until today when I wrote 1332. Man, did that feel good.

To recap, I started this novel last November during NaNoWriMo and I stalled out shortly after the end of that month, then added a bit more over the end of the year holidays and a few in January. For nearly five months the book was sitting at a shade over 70,000 words. Around the beginning of May I started pecking away at it again and even came up with the ending of the story.

See, I have to know the end before I get there or I can't get there. I start wandering around aimlessly searching the ever deepening dark woods for microscopic crumbs that will lead me home. Then the wolves start to howl and some guy with an axe drops by to ask me where the old lady's house is and I don't know what's happening.

(Okay it's not THAT confusing but you get the idea. I hope.)

So I had an idea what the last scene would be for the last few weeks but no idea how to get to it. So I started looking at my dangling plot threads and began to tie them up. This put the characters in danger so that gave them something to do. Which meant I could get back into writing. Thus, the small chunks that I've been tapping away at mostly every day for the last couple of weeks.

The other day I understood the ending a lot better. I started to formulate why what happened at the end happened and how it could complicate things even more, leaving an opportunity for a sequel. In short (too late!) I figured out the cliffhanger.

Really what happened was I got excited about the story again. I'd written myself into a corner I didn't see any way out of immediately so I became bored and listless when it came to writing. Thank goodness I had Planet Comicon to keep me busy and build up some energy in March. Finally I'd remembered that if I wasn't excited about my story no one else would be, either.

So that's why I'm writing more lately. My 'in' to the story is exciting.

Now that's not to say that the draft is going to be perfect because it's not. But the skeleton of a good story is there and I'll have something to change when I get it done.

All right, that's all for now. Keep an eye on the death bar on the right. That's how you'll know I'm working away at this. Oh, and the occasional snippet that appears on my author Facebook page, too.

Although you've read this far, maybe I should give you a taste here.

Mid-morning on Wednesday June 26th was a bad time on a terrible day in the worst week of Reid Carter’s life. Buried under the sudden rubble of a collapsed building was the last place he thought he’d be. For now, he was alive and that was something to be happy about. It was the only thing worth being happy about. He was pretty certain that his left leg was broken and a couple of ribs. Breathing was painful.
He might also have a cut on his forehead that was leaking blood into his eye and that hurt, too.
Wonder how Reid's going to get out of that? Stay tuned.

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