Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Internal Debate

I read this quote early this morning:

“You have to surrender to your mediocrity, and just write. Because it’s hard, really hard, to write even a crappy book. But it’s better to write a book that kind of sucks rather than no book at all, as you wait around to magically become Faulkner. No one is going to write your book for you and you can’t write anybody’s book but your own.”
— Cheryl Strayed 
And now I'm conflicted. I'm tempted to drop all my current projects in favor of starting a new novel. I've been thinking and thinking and thinking about it over the last six weeks. In fact it's been in my head for a little over two years. An initial draft netted 40,000+ words but it's not great. I know how to make it better. Of course this goes against the central tenet of a writer: finish your shit.

I've begun combing through it for anything usable, which, unfortunately, isn't much except the ideas. The execution was --- well, it left a lot to be desired. However, I might have stumbled upon an opening. It comes from about halfway through the original draft. Here it is:

Stak acknowledged the signal. "Unfriendlies coming in from south and west,” Kafay said over the box. “Our options are disappearing. WaLah says they’re packing serious heat and they're definitely coming for us.”

Still needs work but it has potential. With all the things I've been working on the last few months off and on, this one's been burning up my extra thought cycles. I opened a new Scrivener document and began importing the things I like and transcribing the notes I've made over the last weeks.

I guess I know what I'm going to do. This book's really got my imagination and I really, really want to work on it. Dropping the novel, the novella, the short stories from the last few months to work on something new may just be an excuse to escape certain difficulties with those things. What do you think?

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Jason Arnett said...

Was tempted to remove this, but I won't now. There are a lot of complex feelings going on right now both personal and to do with my writing. All is well, but I'm going to get these things dealt with and then get back to the writing and nerding sooner than later.