Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dear Anonymous Commenters

Dear Anonymous Commenters,

Thanks for stopping by. No, really, I do appreciate the traffic.

However, I won't be visiting your website because your approach is all wrong. I won't tell you how to fix it, how to get me to visit your site because, well, you're a grown up and you can learn to market your crap all on your own.

I especially won't be visiting your website if you outright lie and say that my blog is 'rife' with misspellings. Obviously your robots don't know what kind of site they're looking at and let's be honest - if you're insulting me then the hell with you. You may have the product I want desperately but I'll never know if you come here and bag on my writing. Besides, that's beyond rude. And rudeness never encourages reciprocation.

So, while your stop is meaningful and I do appreciate the millisecond your robot took to deliver your standard message, you can fuck right off.



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