Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Prospects Now Available at Smashwords

That's right, my first self-published short story is live on the Internet for worldwide consumption at Smashwords. It's only 99 cents American.

This is the slightly improved version of the story that debuted at Planet Comicon. It's got a different cover, too, as you can see. Here's the solicit:

Retirement is not an option.

Mrak is a man who must work. After more than two decades of service to the Yaiax ambassador, he won't take just any job.He lives on his severance until he is convinced to take an assignment he's been warned against.

This new job takes Mrak to a distant world where he must confront a spectre of the past and come to terms with the prospects of his future.

The story's about 4400 words long and was edited by my Confabulator cohort Sara Lundberg.

I had some trouble getting it on Amazon because - well, because I couldn't get my stuff together on the Word file to upload. Made some dumb mistakes. Regardless, if you prefer Amazon, it's live there, too. That said, you can download for your Kindle or iBooks or whatever reader you have through Smashwords and it doesn't cost you any more than it would at the bigger retailer.

Truth be told, I was seriously considering NOT going on Amazon for the simple reason that I make a little more on each book sold through Smashwords. But that would be cutting my nose off to spite my face. Amazon's the biggest retailer with the most reach. Still, it's tempting to not go there.

Deep breath.

Another story will drop in about three weeks. Now that I've learned a thing or two about a thing or two it won't be quite so traumatic on my end. Stay tuned.

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