Monday, April 21, 2014

A Quick Update

Staying busy. Hope you all had a nice weekend. Our garden is going in and the flowers around the house are happy so far, too. Writing and editing stuff:

  • Going over the first 50 pages of The Cold Distance for The Writer's Tank contest.
  • Revising another story before it goes to my editor.
  • The first two stories I gave her are S L O W L Y being prepped for electronic release. I'm hoping they'll be out after the coming weekend. Who knew it was so much work?
  • Also writing another story that has to be finished so I can: 
  • Finish the last 25 - 30K words of another novel.
  • And then I can work on one of the three ideas I have for a follow up to that one.

So there we are. More coming soon.

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