Sunday, March 02, 2014

Twitter Velocity Readouts

I asked my followers on Twitter to suggest a title for a Velocity Readout short. The idea is to sort of improv a story and post it here as fast as I can. I'll put the ones from Sunday March 2, 2014, here.

"Endless Glory" Suggested by @JCRosen

The parade was overwhelming. There hadn’t been one for an astronaut since the Apollo program. Moss thought that she didn’t deserve it even though she was the first to land on Mars. There were too many people behind the mission for one person to take all the credit.
Security was tight, too. She spotted agents everywhere. None of them would go down in history like she did though they were more heroic than her.
All she did was survive long enough to wave at the crowds on either side of the street.
Not like Yoshi. He would be missed.

"Tarot Clowns" Suggested by @poorstruggler

The cast had spun out of her control. She’d never seen the cards suggest such horror. She could barely hide her dismay from the client, and that was making her mother angry. Things on the shelf rattled.
“Sorry. Would you like me to start over?”
The client smiled. “Is there a problem?”
“Noooo,” she said and flipped the final card. 
Before her eyes they all transformed: Page, Knight, Queen, King all became Clowns. She looked up at the client, fearful.
“It’s all right,” he said with a  terrible smile. “Tell me what you see.”
“Death, fear, blood.”
His grip was ironlike. “Good.” His eyes glowed red.

"Reluctantly Unrequited" Suggested by @Usoki

“I like you, but -“
“But it’ll never work. Thanks. Heard that before.”
“Don’t be that way, if things were different…”
“Heard that one before, too. Look, it’s not okay but I get it. I’ve heard all the excuses before. I’m leaving.”
“Let me get you -“
“No. Stop. Don’t say anything else.
“This isn’t my first rodeo. I was fun until it wasn’t fun any more, okay. Fine. But you should know that I really, really cared about you. I was bold and took the step.”
“You’re not real, that’s the problem.”
“No, the problem is that your mind is closed.”

Thank you to Jess, Chris and Neil for the suggestions. Feel free to share this post and watch for another round of these soon(ish) on Twitter. Tell your friends!

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Anonymous said...

These are great! I love the ending twists. Marvelous stuff here, Jason. Thanks for letting me suggest something.

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