Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Writing of Things

Of course some whiskey will be involved.
The resting period after a convention is always a good time. Where thoughts zip around and around and collide into one another mashing themselves into more interesting ideas...

Which means that I'm writing. I can hear you ask what I'm writing. Here's the lowdown:

What I'm writing now, this week and next,  is a third installment of one of the Actionopolis series. It's moving along swimmingly and when it's done and out in the world you will wonder if there will be more. On that score we will see.

The day job is keeping me pretty busy with writing chores. Nothing I can to point to, but I mention it to let you know that I'm writing a lot more than you may ever see. I know quite a few writers who do that and so I don't feel like I'm being a lazy slug when I don't want to write more of my own stuff at home. That said, even when I don't want to write I am opening the files and typing away because that's what needs to happen. That's how books get written.

I'm editing a couple of short stories before I send them to my editor for searing insights into why I'm still trying to tell stories. In April I will release into the digital wild my first short story, Prospects, and then in May you'll get The Masking Job. Four more, one each month through September, will be announced as they're readied. You should have the complete list sometime in July. Or before. Maybe before. We'll see.

I'm finishing one novel on slow pace and planning another. Also thinking about a third novel. I'll have to figure out which of the two I'm going to write come fall. Various short stories are presenting themselves for consideration and notes, scribbles, vague phrases are being kept. Notebooks are piling up.

On another note about writing, as I consume the various articles and posts about Planet Comicon and other conventions around the country, I notice that there's a lot of focus on the cosplayers (as there should be) and on the media guests (by default). Some people are cool mentioning the actual comic creators in attendance but almost no one talks about Artists Alley. I know for a fact that thousands of people wandered through the aisle my table was in and I talked to hundreds of people. And that's just me.

So what I'd like to see is a comic website - any comic website - that goes to a convention do some real coverage of what's going on in Artists Alley. Where the creators of tomorrow are working away at making something that you might want to read. Can someone make that happen? Maybe start with your local con or even San Diego if you have to but do it. Spend a day with the unknowns and find something that can rock your world.

Getting off my soapbox now.

Finally, it seems that I may be at another convention in the fall. If that comes to pass I will let you know. In the meantime, assume that words are being slung. Updates as they're appropriate.

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