Sunday, March 09, 2014

The Masking Job at Planet Comicon

Here's the back cover copy for The Masking Job, the second of the two stories I'll debut at Planet Comicon March 14 - 16:

"Rubbing people out is an ancient profession that sprang up on every civilized world in the system. 

Someone wants someone dead and someone else is willing to do it for a price. As long as the price is met, well, then everyone goes home happy.

Except the dead one."

$2 gets you the paper copy before it is released digitally in late April/early May. 

I'll also have another short story - Prospects - and a couple of copies of Evolver and Agent of DANGER if you don't have yours already. Plus there will be other stuff for sale, like Velocity Readout author sketch cards. 

One more post about the show probably on Thursday when things are much, much more firm. I'll let you know where I'll be and when

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