Thursday, March 06, 2014

Prospects at Planet Comicon

Here's the back cover copy for Prospects, one of the two stories I'll debut at Planet Comicon March 14 - 16:

"Mrak is a man who must work. After more than two decades of service to the Yaiax ambassador, he won't take just any job. He lives on his severance until he is convinced to take an assignment he's been warned against. 
This new job takes Mrak to a distant world where he must confront a spectre of the past and come to terms with the prospects of his future."

$2 gets you the paper copy before it is released digitally in late April/early May. 

I'll also have a couple of copies of Evolver and Agent of DANGER if you don't have yours already. Plus there will be other stuff for sale. 

I'll have more about The Masking Job, the other story, soon. Stay tuned.

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