Friday, February 07, 2014

Planet Comicon 2014

Here follows a Q&A.

Do you have any appearances coming up?

Yes, I will be in Artists Alley at Planet Comicon this coming March. I'll let you know the table number as soon as I get it. You'll find it here, on my Twitter feed and at my Facebook page.

Why should I care?

Well, I'll be premiering two short stories, the purchase of either one will get you a free audio version of a third short story. Also, I'll be doing Velocity Readout author sketch cards. I might have a couple of copies of some other works, too.

What the hell is a Velocity Readout author sketch card?

One of these:

Also, I'll do them on commission. Meaning if you ask me and I'm comfortable doing it, I could write a very short story about your favorite character. If you get one of those done, I'll do a live audio version on the spot that you'll be able to hear through Audioboo. I'll also post it up on the website here for everyone to see.

How much are you going to charge for these? 

The short stories I don't know yet. I have to get them printed and I'll figure it out after that. You'll also get that free audio story I mentioned in the form of a link and password to download when you get home. The sketch cards will be $5 each, including the audio version.

Yeah, you'll probably charge $5 for a little photocopied booklet of your stories, too.Why should I shell that kind of cash out for some self-published thing I could write myself?

Here's the lowdown on the new, never-before seen short stories that will only be available at my Planet Comicon Artists Alley table.
  1. They're both about 4000 words. 
  2. They are brand spanking new. 
  3. They have been professionally edited by the inimitable Sara E. Lundberg, editor. 
  4. I mentioned Sara's a professional editor, right?
  5. You'll get the aforementioned free audio download in MP3 format with your purchase.
  6. You'll be supporting an author who has struggled to make his art.
  7. And I'll doodle a sketch on the cover, too.
So whatever the price may be (and it might be $5, I just don't know yet, I hope less) - you'll be getting a real deal. I mean you could think of it one way that you're getting three stories for $10 plus a couple of doodles.

I don't know...

Well, you have some time to decide. I'll be there all three days. You can at least stop by and say 'hello' and check out the stories and some sketches.

Look, I know it's kind of odd to be doing this, but you know what? it's also kinda cool. Authors don't get the chance to sketch much outside of what we do in preparation to write. Do this with me and you'll be encouraging other authors to do it, too.

So you're a relatively unknown creator (a writer at that!) at Planet Comicon all three days shilling your self-published -

And professionally edited.

-professionally edited short stories and some sort of author sketch card. That sounds kind of humiliating.

It's not humiliating at all. How else am I going to get you guys to notice my work? I'm not a main attraction. I'm not even a sideshow attraction. I'm one of the midway performers is all. There's a complete list constantly being updated at the Planet Comicon website that you should definitely check out. A lot of friends are going to be there showing off their stuff.

I exhort you to stop and see us all to get your total con experience. This is one of the best shows going and you owe it to yourself to see it all.

Don't you?

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