Friday, December 06, 2013

NaNoWriMo #6 post-game report

So as the title suggests, I've written during November six times. Six time I've won, which means that I've written at least 50,000 words in 30 days. Of those six 'novels' four are finished. One of those is actually a rewrite of the novel started the year before. That's the one I'm writing this year.

The good news is that I'm still writing. It's December and I've only taken one day off from writing since the end of November. That was for martinis and relaxation which was sorely needed after the intensity of NaNoWriMo.

It feels a lot like the novel from two years ago, The Cold Distance, the one that's gone through four revisions, some beta readers and is now living in the 'submissions' folder on my laptop. It's collecting rejections from publishers and agents now and I expect that'll continue into the new year. (Actually I'm pretty excited to submit the book to one publisher in particular. I've been waiting for their open period and the book was finally ready when it happened this year. Fingers crossed!) But hey, that's what I should do with it. Keep sending it out until it finds a home.

It's been a lot of fun revisiting certain characters (and almost everyone from the first book has made an appearance this year) and situations. What I'll look forward to in rereading it will be seeing how I did in the first pass, how much I have to re-write and revise. I'll also be interested to see how many passive sentences in particular exist in the draft and then compare that to the number of those offending sentences in the first draft of The Cold Distance.

Ah, this book, the second in a planned trilogy in case I haven't been clear about that, is called The Silent Well. As I'm writing I am clearing out a lot of space in my head, which leaves space for new ideas to sprout and attract pollinators that will eventually be new stories. So whether or not this trilogy is published, it will be written. Eventually it'll publish, I'm confident of that much. It's good stuff. And the new ideas are intriguing, too. It may just be that when I do finally land a contract, someone will ask me "What have you got next?" That's a good recipe for a career if I think about it that way.

So in the end, NaNoWriMo is all about getting ideas down as fast as possible and then examining them to see what's good and what's not. It's about, as my friend Dave DeHetre said in the NaNo forums, "writing at the speed that readers read".


It's making next year look really, really interesting. I've got plans that need to be solidified, given form and priority. NaNo helped me see what I need to do. Again.

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