Friday, November 22, 2013

Things Out Of My Control

A list of things irksome and irritating with as little ranting as possible:
  • Dropped phone calls.
  • Dropped Internet connections.
  • My phone being 4G and my carrier not providing 4G coverage in my home area. Or any other I can really think of off the top of my head.
  • Huge companies buying up smaller ones.
  • The video vending machine taking up all that sidewalk space. And the people who shop for ten minutes with their car parked in the fire lane. Sorry if my cart full of groceries bangs into you or your car. I promise it's not intentional.
  • Rolling backpacks. Really, pick 'em up. If they're too heavy, you've got too much in there. Take only what you need.
  • Bullies on the highway commute. Look, riding my ass at 80 mph while I have three cars in front of me will not make me go faster. Calm down. We all want to be where we're going so don't be a dick.
  • Bookstores being pretty much a thing of the past. Some notable exceptions here but I remember there being half a dozen bookstores in town when I was a teenager.
  • Movies that should be streaming being only available on DVD. And then the DVD not being available in my local distribution center.
  • Or arriving cracked. 
  • Arriving cracked AGAIN.
  • Sudden cancellations.
  • High prices for things that are necessary. 
  • Companies taking advantage of parents who want their students to have the same experiences (or at least similar).
  • Stupid movies. Well, stupid entertainments in every medium. Let's raise the level of intelligence, eh? Parody and satire are one thing, but when they are more common than intelligent entertainment there's a problem.
  • Short attention spans.
  • Black Friday. 
  • Black Friday starting any time on Thanksgiving Day. It should be okay for all of us to take a day off and breathe, don't you think? If you work in retail that day off is important.
  • Drivers who stop with their back wheels even with the stop sign at the last possible second. Whatever happened to stopping ten feet back and then creeping forward?
  • Trolls on the Internet.
  • The obsessions with celebrity misdeeds and hijinks. Not enough going on in your own life? Then get off the Internet and go do something. Or make something. 

So yeah. A sampling of things I can't control but that often (or only sometimes) get under my skin. Agree or disagree, we all have such lists. I imagine that on someone's list is a disdain for lists of this kind.

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