Thursday, November 28, 2013

NaNoWriMo Day 28

Because I'm so happy to have my computer back I did a little stupid thing on the Internet and pasted a bunch of the text into an analyzer app to find out what famous writer I tend to emulate.

When I put in the entire text I got William Shakespeare. (That name is difficult to type. Who'd'a thought?)

So then I started to think - what the hell? why do I write like Shakespeare? Yes, there's a certain romantic element but I'm not trying to write like him at all. With this book I'm alternating main characters so each one has a different POV. I wondered if each one would give me a different author. Remember this is just a bit of fun. So I went in and put each chapter separately into the analyzer.

Wow - what a variety of writers I got. Here's the list

  1. Shakespeare
  2. James Joyce
  3. James Joyce again
  4. Arthur C. Clarke
  5. Lewis Carroll
  6. Margaret Mitchell (wha? Never read Gone With the Wind.)
  7. Lewis Carroll again
  8. Margaret Atwood (YES!)
  9. Arthur C. Clarke again
  10. Margaret Atwood again (YES YES!)
I've never read Joyce, either. But what I'm seeing, I suppose (and this is pure supposition) is that the book is pretty epic in scope and all the authors have written epic stuff. That I got two SF writers makes me very happy, that they both popped up the way they did makes me even happier. I'm also tickled that Carroll is in there. The two chapters he's with are whimsical and kind of sneaky-intense. 

What's weird about the whole thing was that overall I got Shakespeare. Does the analyzer understand that I'm maybe working a tragedy here? 

I dunno.

I'll do this again when I finish. 

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