Saturday, October 26, 2013

Glad To Be Alive IV: Dream Master

Okay it's been a while since I've let you in on what's going on with my health. The short version is that I'm doing very well, thank you. It's been two months since The Incident and a month and a half since I went back work. I feel better than ever (well, at least than in the last two or three years) and that's not just hype.

I'm stronger than I've been since probably my twenties when I was hauling bass guitars and amplifiers all over town for rehearsals with my bands and playing local gigs. Walking every day is awesome. Exercise is the best medicine for a lot of things and I'm lucky I'm young enough to engage in activity like that. And work has really been busy so I'm not spending much time at the desk and walking across campus a dozen times a day is also good for me.

But strength is relative. I am stronger than when I was at my weakest in the hospital, and stronger now than I've been in a while. Am I as strong as I was a younger man? I think I may be even though I've never been muscle-bound. Always have been soft around the middle, me. The doctor's ordered me to lose the weight. Even gave me what I swear to god is a truly unrealistic end goal even though she said five pounds a month is how you do it.

Well, as of this writing I've dropped fifteen pounds since I went back to work. The hectic pace and my exercising and cutting out the snacking after dinner (mostly) is how it's been done. I'm watching how much I'm eating but not necessarily what I'm eating. Except for the leafy green stuff that's loaded with vitamin K, I haven't changed a lot. Or maybe I have. My body is acting like I have.

Finally, I have an appointment in a week or so with a hematologist (yet another doctor) who may be able to tell me if there was a cause for the blood clots. Or may not. I don't know. If there's a genetic cause I need to be able to tell my son that. If not, then I'll be on the blood thinners for the rest of my life.

All this, of course, is fuel for stories.

With NaNoWriMo right around the corner, some of this (and other life-changing experiences) will undoubtedly inform some of what I'm intending to write. Some of it on character levels and some on plot levels. Some of it overtly most of it not. It's another test of my skills as a writer.

Which are also stronger than they've ever been. It takes a lot of work and practice to get better physically and mentally. And I'm just glad I'm around to practice and work hard and get stronger.

Updates here through November will mostly be the word count variety. I'm going to reset the "death bar" on the side over there so you can keep up if you want. There might be some occasional commentary but I'm not promising. Also, in December I'll be returning to the Confabulator Cafe so there's that. Lots to look forward to, I guess.

Thanks for reading here, gang. I appreciate you all.

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