Thursday, October 03, 2013

Glad To Be Alive Dept. III: More Alive

So here's the latest health update:

(If you're just catching up, here's what happened, and here's the first big update. Ready?)

Everything seems to be returning to normal. I haven't been given a clean bill of health yet, though that may come in December. It would be a fine Christmas present if it did. What happens then is another round of tests (echocardiograms and the like) to see where the blood clots have gone or even if they're gone. I'm confident they're dissipating because I can breathe very well, now, thank you, and I've resumed the regular, daily exercise. I'm supposed to lose 5 pounds a month and I'm almost there but man, it's difficult. I'll do it, I will, but this is the hardest thing I've done in a while.

I've cut my coffee consumption by one cup down to three and not drinking any after breakfast. I'm walking well over four miles a day now (and sometimes five or more) thanks to a big power walk in the morning and the fact that my job requires a lot of walking and pushing things. I've cut back my breakfast by only having one piece of toast with cereal and I'm measuring out the one cup serving on that, too. I am mostly good about NOT snacking after dinner and certainly not after 8 pm. Mostly. These adjustments are me retraining myself to eat like a person should and not like I did. Not like I have since I moved out of the house. Food is comfort and relief from boredom.

All this has caused me to sort of re-evaluate a bunch of things and one of the things that's gotten put aside is the blog here. If you've been wondering where I'm at and what I'm up to, I apologize for the radio silence. It's been much easier to talk in short bursts elsewhere rather than blather on here endlessly. I've started and discarded several posts over the last few weeks as they ended up being snarky commentary on things ranging from reality TV to the current political situation and I don't want to do that. Be snarky, I mean. There's plenty to say about a lot of things (for instance that I'm sorry to hear about Tom Clancy's passing) and the debacle in Washington certainly merits comment.

But I'd rather spend my time writing stories. Time is the commodity we all have the same amount of and I've been really, really trying to make the most of what there is. I'm even stepping back a little from my social media spots, too, focusing on writing.

With NaNoWriMo coming up, I won't be blogging much at all. I'll probably post up word counts here with minimal commentary in November but they may not be regular. They'll be when I feel like I've made significant progress and have something to say about what I've written. Right now the plan is to chuck what I've written on the sequel to the book that I'm trying to get published or represented by an agent and published and start over from scratch. I'm already working on the outline.

So that's the update. I'm doing well, getting healthier and the writing is taking over my spare time. I'm querying agents and looking for a home for my novel. This is a good time.  More so than at any time before.

I'll be back here with more when I have something significant to say.

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