Thursday, September 12, 2013

The New Life

Something changes when you have an extraordinary experience. Your old life seems so far away and the new life ahead is full of stars and promises.

I don't want to belabor what happened to me a few weeks back, but coming that close to checking out should be life-changing, shouldn't it? I mean wouldn't you be happy to be alive and kicking if it happened to you? (I hope it never does.)

Routines are falling back into place as far as exercise and eating go. My doctor has directed me to lose five pounds a month. It doesn't sound so hard, and it isn't in the grand scheme, but I have to do it with diet and exercise. So far a couple pounds have come off and my brain is responding very well to the increased exercise.

I've written two new stories. The first is about a hit man and is an homage to the really fantastic Old Time Radio show Quiet, Please! (really, go listen to The Thing on the Fourble Board and tell me that's not one helluva great piece of writing) and the other is a space opera-type story with pirates. They need to be edited before I send them to a couple of trusted readers and then out to the streets to find a home but I'm really happy with them so far. Both came out while I was recovering from being sick.

What's really changed, though, is my outlook. I'm happy a lot of the time, even when things are a little tense and fast-moving at the day job. Eating less and exercising more definitely help that as my body is getting back to what is normal for it, and my perception of things is way more positive. I could rant about any number of things, but they aren't important any more. They're really what they are and while it would be nice if the general population was more thoughtful about where they parked when buying their movies from that badly placed kiosk it would be a great thing.

But people aren't generally thoughtful of others unless they're thinking about an individual they know.

And that's kind of where a few ideas for stories are going. How does the individual fit into society and what happens when that individual starts to make demands that society change? What greater good can come of it, if any?

This is what I think about on my morning walks now. This is what the immediate future looks like in my fiction, I think. All this goes along with a novel I've had percolating in the back of my head but which I'm not ready to write yet. That might be The One, but the themes and ideas are taking shape in the outline.

Trust me when I say that it isn't fear that's keeping me from writing that book. It's the fact that I don't know enough about my craft yet to tell such a sophisticated story. I have no 'literary' aspirations for it, but I want it to be as good as it can be when I do tackle it. It's not so far off, either. Maybe next year.

But this year now I'm sorting through three or four ideas for NaNoWriMo. One keeps coming to the top and so that may be it but the exercise may trigger something in one of the others that gets me really excited to write it. We'll see.

Stars and promises ahead for me. Such is the new life.

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