Monday, June 10, 2013

The Feed

I am the new Number Two. (And all that that entails.)
Several years ago I turned on to RSS feeds. There were more and more blogs I wanted to keep up with and then things really exploded and I started needing to keep track of research stuff...

Well, you know.

Warren Ellis - the Internet Jesus - pointed to the original Bloglines and I liked that. I figured out how to set up what I wanted to keep track of and then set it up so I could read on my phone, too. In the spirit of full disclosure Warren Ellis is kind of a guru to me. I read him religiously for a long, long time. As my interests grew across the depth and breadth of the Internet tt was easier to keep up with him via RSS, though.

Bloglines went away for a while. Before it did I killed my account there. I don't remember what happened. (Ah, I see that Wikipedia has the tiny history of it, though. Apparently it never really did go away even though I thought it did. Huh.) Anyway, I migrated over to Google Reader. This is 2010.

The coolest thing about Reader was that I could add a blog feed at the click of a button on most websites. Since everyone is enamored of Google it was EASY. Now that Google has - in its infinite wisdom - decided to kill Reader because they weren't visionary enough to figure out how to monetize it I thrashed about looking for a new device that did as many of the same things.

Of course nothing will be as easy as Reader was. Like I said, it was pretty well built in to almost every website since before I started using it. This here blog is hosted on Blogger, which is a division of Google.

I guess it's the move to the Cloud. From that you can probably deduce that I'm not enamored of the Cloud though I see it has some uses. AND I know that Reader essentially was the Cloud, having stored my feeds in my account ready and waiting for me to access them from any computer I sat down at, or my phone. Or now the iPad.

So I've migrated away from Reader and to a new service called The Old Reader which is essentially the same thing as Google's app was. This device behaves in so many similar ways it feels like the home I grew up in. In some ways, though, it's not so comfortable and it feels like I'm going back to the home I grew up in twenty years after we moved out and the owners since then have done some extensive remodeling.

The Old Reader isn't perfect and it certainly isn't exactly the same as the last iteration of Reader.  I'm not complaining. It's just change and I remember the change from Bloglines to Reader being a little dramatic, too. It just takes some getting used to.

Because information is what I need.

It's about keeping up with the things I have to have to keep my mind active, to keep the juices flowing and to sort of attempt to stay connected to the wider world of things that I should know.

Information. Information! 

You won't get it.

By hook or by crook, we will.

And that's it, in a nutshell. I need a centrally-located dump of things weird and wonderful, the sacred and profane. I need those things to collect in a rocky pool, waiting for me to come along with some kind of sieve to find the nuggets that make up a story.

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