Monday, June 03, 2013

The Drive to Write

My motivation to tell stories is to keep from hearing all the voices in my head clamoring for attention. If I focus on one of those voices I can tell a story with its words. At any one time there are a dozen voices demanding attention.

So it's noisy in there. Like a mad party.

It's not enough to sit and write just every so often. I have to do this every day. Something has to be written. Often it's notes made on a piece of paper while I sit in the car at a long stoplight, or a sentence scribbled on a napkin after lunch at the day job. Sometimes I can open a document in my Google Drive and type in a paragraph or so.

But sometimes a story rolls around in my head and gestates for a while. Sometimes I can see multiple angles of the story, different points of view, different ways to tell the story or to expand the story by not retelling it but spinning it with different elements.

That's happened recently. An idea has been percolating like crazy and worming its way deep into my subconscious. It's been there a while because it already generated one aspect of a possible novel and then over the weekend it triggered some other synapse and fired neurons into a heretofore unused portion of my story brain, allowing for another aspect of a possible novel. Both ideas are good, and can lead to completely separate novels though set in the same universe.

But which to write first?

Whichever one develops faster, I guess.

But that doesn't really solve the problem. Ideally, I would be writing full-time and making a living at it. Hasn't happened yet. As I mentioned the day job above, that's the real trick. Commuting gives me the opportunity to write in my head (or scribble things down...) but it's time away from a keyboard. I'm figuring out how to make the best of all my time, still, and I haven't hit on the solution yet.

So the time I was spending writing I'm now spending driving.

But there are all those voices in my head. They keep working on things, developing stories that I have to write before I can get them out of there...

It's a kind of madness that is comforting and frightening at the same time. At least the sun shines in there.

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