Monday, May 13, 2013

Too Many Invitations

Zoltar's got those fox ears up, listening for any hint I might
be interested in coming over to see her. 
Oh, social media. What did we do before you came along? We must never have been happy. All those requests to play the same game, to like the same page, to reblog the same images, to attend all those events...

I had more time to watch cartoons that advertised toys before you were invented.

You can find me on several social media platforms. Usually under my name or occasionally under the handle I've been using since 1999, Ajasont. I started that when I was regularly self-publishing mini comics and have used it ever since. Anyway, you know how to find me if you want.

Now when I'm on those SM platforms, I'm often friends with people I've never met but usually these folks are friends of friends. It's rare that I friend people I don't know at all except for the early days of Twitter and I'd say that of those I've developed a few friendlies that occasionally engage in conversation. That's how I use social media, anyway.

On Facebook I get fewer and fewer requests to play certain very, very popular games than I did even a year ago. My studious disdain and ability to ignore those requests has finally paid off. On Twitter the requests are easier to ignore unless someone decides to mass Direct Message everyone and that's frowned upon these days. Where things are getting out of hand is on GoodReads.

Who'd'a thought?

There's one person who constantly, and I mean constantly, bombards me with updates inviting me to one thing or another. The coloring of a cover for a book. A launch that I will never be able to attend because I have a full-time job and can't travel to the coast for a two hour garden party. But wait! He's also 'hosting' an online Q&A that I could 'attend' and he'd be glad to get me on a list that would send me reminders of when it's coming up...


Really, just stop. If I haven't responded to one of your events and we're still 'friends' on the site, you're trying my patience with your scattershot, widescreen, all-inclusive invitations. You're just static. There's no meaningful conversation going on. I'm not engaging with your platform.

Get the hint? Stop inviting every single person you're friends with to every single event you're creating as an author. Right now. Quit it. I'm going to unfriend you if you don't. We connected because one of us was interested and the other said, "Yeah, okay, you look like you might be cool." You're definitely testing your 'cool' by bombing my inbox with invitations. And I mean several times a week you're hitting me up for something. 

I'm not coming. I won't participate. I don't care. Get the hint?

I have books to read, stories to write, TV shows to veg out with. Plus, I've got real-world invitations to consider. 

So stop trying to make yourself look good. Stop trying to inflate your numbers. No one pays attention to those any more unless there's a competition. 

And here's the gist of my message: I'm not competing with you. Not ever. I do my own thing and if you want to follow along I'm glad to have you. If not, focus your scattershot, widescreen, all-inclusive invitations somewhere else will you?

Because He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is on.

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