Monday, May 20, 2013


Spoilers? Not while I'm here.
I like to watch a lot of shows that are imports to America. Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Doctor Who, and some more. Thanks to the globalization of contacts through social media (Twitter and Facebook, mostly) I have to avoid those arenas when my shows are broadcast overseas sometimes months before they reach our shores.

It's not hard, just turn things off for a while. A day or two at most.

But should I have to?

A lot of other people are watching these series and they get to see them first and talk about them. So many that it doesn't make sense for networks who know their shows are popular world wide to play the game of rolling out across different continents at different times.

Additionally, there are the leakers. People who are privileged to know things ahead of time and release the information into the wild before it's secure. (Full disclosure: I watched the opening scene of The Dark Knight online while it was so briefly available. AND the opening scene of The Dark Knight Rises, too. The thing about these is that they didn't ruin the movie, the articles that linked to the clips were only links and not embeds. To see the clips one had to actually read far enough down then make the choice to see the media. THAT's how you do that. In the end, they only whetted my appetite for the films.)

Also additionally, everyone who goes to see a film before I do and then gushes about it on social media needs a little restraint. It's one thing to say "I don't believe they did that" in a general way, but to start shoving detail after detail into your status update or Tweets, well, then you're ruining it for everyone else, aren't you?

Or I could turn things off for a while.

Some people like spoilers, a lot don't. It's simply a matter of respect not to ruin something for others. Let them have the same thrill you did. It's not hard.

I blame the marketing campaigns that espouse "Be the First" for most of this. It's the American obsession with winning. It's possible that this could indeed be the problem with why some people fail to finish things. If we can't be first, why bother to try?

I'm happy for you that you saw something before I did. That's great for you. But I'm not competing with you to see before you do.

As of this writing, I haven't seen Iron Man 3 or Star Trek Into Darkness yet. I know people who have, who where there on the Thursday night openings. They haven't let slip any spoilers yet and for that I'm grateful. When I see you guys in person, we'll talk, okay?

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