Saturday, April 06, 2013

Planet Comicon is NOW

I will be at table 1210 in Artist's Alley with my good friend and fellow Confabulator R.L. Naquin. We'll be on a panel together at 12 pm Sunday called Prose Pursuits (guess what that's about...) in Hall D alongside Alex Grecian and Elizabeth Bunce and I will be moderating a panel also on Sunday called Independent Vision in Hall B with guests Peter Bagge, Ben Templesmith, and Kelsey Wroten.

The pictures I'm seeing from Bartle Hall tell me this is the new paradigm for Kansas City Comic Conventions. I'll share my own photos when I can. Look for a semi-coherent report on Monday.

Stop by the table. If I'm not doing one of the panels I should be there. I'm not keeping a schedule because hey - sometimes you need to get up and walk around. Plus there are so many people to see...

Watch the Twitter feed for updates throughout the weekend.

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