Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Planet Comicon 2013

All the cool kids will be there.
This weekend, April 6 - 7, I'll be at Planet Comicon in Kansas City. I'll be at table 1210 in Artist's Alley with my good friend and fellow Confabulator R.L. Naquin. She's promoting her new book Pooka in My Pantry (you can find more info and buy links here) and I'll be hawking mine, Agent of DANGER: Strange Polarity. (And you can buy the ebook for 99c here and here.)

I hear some of you saying "Big deal, lots of people are there, why stop by and see you?" and that's a legitimate question.

To which I can only say: "Because I'll have stuff."

First, I'll have only a few paperback copies of both Agent of DANGER: Strange Polarity and Evolver: Apex Predator. Both have awesome Phil Hester covers and HE will be at the show on Sunday so you could get those signed by him if you wanted.

Second, I'll be able to show you what the ebooks look like and will share previews of both books with anyone who stops by.

Third, I'll have a box of stuff from the last time I was at Planet Comicon over ten years ago. Some mini comics and maybe a couple copies of the collection of essays I wrote about making mini comics.

Fourth, you can come see Rachel and me on the Prose Pursuits panel from 12:00 to 12:50 on Sunday. Well, actually you'll come to hear Alex Grecian talk about his new book and I may contribute something to the conversation about writing prose. It'll be fun and worth your time. Who needs to go to the Adam Baldwin panel at the same time, anyway? I may also be moderating another panel. Stay tuned.

Fifth, when I'm not on the floor searching for comics, I'll be livewriting at the table. That is, each day I'll write a short story in longhand on paper. I exhort you to stop by my table and ask how the writing is going. Ask to see a page, read it, tell me what you think. Likely there will be unintelligible scrawling, some doodles, and probably more than a few misspellings and incoherent sentences. The idea is to do like artists do but instead of sketching I'll write words. If you'd like to have a short, short fiction (five or ten sentences) we'll haggle but who wants something like that from a writer? I guess I'll find out.

Sixth, just come over and say 'hello'. Let me know you're reading the blog, talk about stories, writers, artists, comics, movies. You know convention stuff.

So yeah, that's what's happening this weekend. I'll take pictures when I can and update from my phone if it's possible. I'll be pretty disconnected from the internet for the weekend so you all be good to one another and stay out of trouble.

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