Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Down Time

I need to spend some time writing more than just the blog here. Yesterday I finished a draft that needs some editing before it goes out and for the last couple of weeks I've been pretty wound up to actually be writing stories.

There are obligations that have to be met and then there's the novel. I need to get it out and working to find a home, too. Short story ideas are piling up like rising water behind a dam and if I don't do something about getting them through the spillway of my mind there's going to be one hell of a flood.

So it's not that there won't be updates, just that they won't be anything like regular for a while. Certainly not three times a week.

Thank you to everyone who's come by to read my Planet Comicon De-brief, easily the most popular post I've ever written here. Also lots of gratitude to those that have pointed to that post, especially Holly Messinger who sent quite a few of you over here.

In the end, this blog is a labor of love and I'm using it as an excuse to not write short stories or get back to writing the novel I started last November.

It's a journey I'm on here. I need to pull over and get out of the car, walk around the rest area and stretch a bit. Maybe take a nap before continuing on. This is just a pit stop. I'll update as there are things to update. The Twitter feed over on the right is a good way to keep up, if you like.

We should all spend less time online and doing things that matter, anyway. Thanks to all of you for tuning in and traveling along with me. I'll be back on the road soon. And you'll be able to see me every other Friday at the relaunched Confabulator Cafe. Come on over and see what we're doing there.

Okay. That's it.

See you soon with new stuff. Not going away, just slowing down here so I can speed up on other things.

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