Friday, March 22, 2013

LAUNCH DAY - Agent of D.A.N.G.E.R.: Strange Polarity

It's time to tell you this has been released into the wild. Now available for purchase through Amazon (99 cents for Kindle and $7.99 in paperback) and Barnes & Noble (99 cents for Nook):

For the lover of adventure and comics.

This is my second book for Actionopolis and it's very, very cool. Here's the description:

Ezekiel Wolfe chased the rumors of a dark organization bent on world domination and it cost him his job as a covert agent. No longer affiliated with any government, he joins three disavowed agents also on the hunt. Alone they had no chance. Together they are mankind's last hope against the otherworldly perils of this ancient evil.

You can buy it in digital for only 99 cents or in paper form, too. I don't have any copies yet, but I'll have them at Planet Comicon April 6 -7 in Kansas City where I'll be in Artist's Alley with my good friend R.L. Naquin, who will be promoting the second book in her Monster Haven series: Pooka in My Pantry.

When I was approached to write Evolver: Apex Predator (hint, hint) I had so much fun I asked Shannon Denton if there were any other titles I could work on. He gave me this one which was created by him, Phil Hester, Jon S. Lewis, and Rob Worley.  These guys are great to work with. They've given a lot of positive feedback, been really, really patient and just generally helped me grow as a writer. I was given a lot of latitude to tell the story I wanted told. The notes and suggestions just kept making the story better and better and better...

AoD is my first effort at writing a team and that brought its own special challenges. Every character needs some time on the stage to shine, just like in Evolver. With five main characters, some important supporting characters and a couple of villains, the real challenge was just telling the story through the eyes of one person. Additionally, I'm building a whole world that has to exist inside a world that's at once familiar and slightly alien. To keep a global perspective, the story takes place South America and the Indian subcontinent. All four Agents come from different countries, too. I did my best to channel Chris Claremont's Uncanny X-Men, Kenneth Robeson's Doc Savage, and then throw in all the cartoon shows I watched as a teenager in the 80s.

You'll have to let me know if I'm successful in this. Please do leave a review at Amazon or on Goodreads or at the Barnes & Noble site if you're a Nook reader. Believe it or not, those things make a difference.

So yeah, some big news today. Please pass it around to your friends.

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