Friday, February 08, 2013

The Confabulator Cafe

I've been kind of lax in reminding you every week to visit my writing group's blog, The Confabulator Cafe. It's a wonderful mix of writers exploring all the things that go into writing. Every week we have a prompt that pushes us to write about some aspect of storytelling. Categories include Writer's Life, Influence, Politics, Mechanics, and more.

What you get at the Cafe is all of us considering the week's question (this week's is Why Do We Need Stories?) and then being able to read ten or eleven or twelve responses, all from unique perspectives. Since we're all at different stages and want different things from being writers, it's often an eclectic mix of opinions and feelings and thoughts. I'm sure there are plenty of blogs by writers about writing all across the Internet (only about a million, I suppose) but this one is a little different. I think it's a little more honest and it's certainly a record of several journeys.

But we don't limit ourselves to only talking about our Processes or the Ephemera that go into writing, and in particular our writing. Every month we throw down and write a story to entertain our readers. Again, it's from a prompt and every story is unique. We don't all write in the same genres, either. We invite you to sample our writing styles and to show off how much fun we're having on this quest of ours. We're even writing in a common universe in the Straeon Manor stories with a bit of crossover in the last round.

What I want you to take away from this post is that while you have a lot of choices to spend your time on the Internet in pursuit of various entertainments or illuminations or just in wasting time, I think you might be taken with some of our bloggers there. I certainly am. I've learned a bit about other's processes and habits and been able to incorporate a bit of some of them here and there.

If for no other reason than we do it because we want to - we're not asking for your money, just a little of your time - come on over and read a bit while you're having your morning coffee. Pop the feed into your reader and keep up with what we're doing. Tell a writer you know about us. Who knows? We might be able to inspire someone to take the leap.

So consider this my honest attempt to entice you to visit The Confabulator Cafe, at least once, to see if there's anything you're interested in. Maybe it's just reading an entertaining post or maybe it's something else. Regardless, if you can all the Confabulators will be appreciative.

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